radiography, safety precautions ppt

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d 1 x 1 x 2 2 d - dose x - distance general radiation safety no food or beverages in the lab keep a survey meter conveniently close by alara - time, distance, and shielding label radioactive materials and equipment never remove sources from the jr physics lab e/m experiment 10 mci 90sr/y (b) and 110 uci 133ba (g) source exposure rates 90sr/y Course 3 - Recording the Image. Presentation Survey Quiz Lead-form E-Book. The Radiologist will make every effort to utilize the lowest amount of radiation necessary to safely complete the procedure. Your responsibilities and duties are to: Identify the patient; Inform the patient; Inform accompanying persons; Verify that the female patient is non-pregnant; Contribute to the preparation of specifications for new equipment; Participate in optimization of imaging protocols; Radiation emitted during fluoroscopic procedures is responsible for the greatest radiation dose for medical staff.

Food and food containers are not permitted in the laboratory. Genetic / cell / tissue damage. e.g. World's Best PowerPoint Templates - CrystalGraphics offers more PowerPoint templates than anyone else in the world, with over 4 million to choose from. Clients, principal contractors and The finished surface of all butt welded joints should be flushed with the base material. Cancer also leads to ~ 20-30 per cent cumulative mortality. These are reviewed by the Safety and Radiation Protection Officer. Cancer. Slideshow 5391424 by livvy. Dental Radiography. PowerPoint Templates. infection control practices). Maximum permissible dose 321 12.3. Therapeutic techniques can be highly complex, and place very high . In particular, radiography equipment should incorporate all the relevant safety and warning features. Possible causes: Exposure to ionising radiation whilst carrying out X-ray scans, CT scans, fluoroscopy, mammography, angiocardiograms, radiotherapy or nuclear medicine procedures. PR71POGC001 Revision 00 Pages 22 Radiography Safety Procedure Document Authorization Document Custodian Document Authority/Owner Document Type Security Classification Safety Procedure Unrestricted P.O.G.C HSE Document Author Approved By A radiologist may want to consider your history of radiation exposure before recommending a procedure. Radiography Safety Procedure HSE Department Document ID. Radiation can be in the form of subatomic particles (alpha or beta particles) or electromagnetic radiation (X and gamma rays). 7.


53.3 Carry out the medical assistant's role in x-ray and diagnostic radiology testing.

As the use of radiotherapy for certain types of cancer has grown, providers and researchers have raised concerns about the safety of radiation exposure. Fetal and Gonadal Shielding. INDUSTRIAL SAFETY IN PETROLEUM INDUSTR Y & SAFETY REGULATIONS (STATUTOR Y & IN IOC) Prof. Dr. . Specific safety requirements for X- and gamma radiography 326 12.5.

ese resources make this the premier radiography review book and study guide, all in one product.

Dental Radiography PowerPoint Presentation. Industrial radiography works by pointing a beam of x-rays or gamma rays at the item being tested. X-Ray Safety Manual 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Purpose of the Manual The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) X-Ray Safety Committee (XRSC) has undertaken the development of this manual to provide a common basis for information about x-ray safety and the x-ray safety procedures within the hospital facilities in order that: Dental Radiography . An adequate number of radiographers and assistants, should be available and be provided with appropriate equipment (such as radiation monitors) to enable the work to be carried out safely and effectively. X-rays and Diagnostic Radiology. 53.1 Explain how x-rays are used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. PowerPoint Templates. This Safety Code is composed of three sections: Responsibilities and Protection, Facility and Equipment Requirements and Quality Assurance Program. TOTAL QUALITY CONTROL 355 13.1. : alpha particles, beta particles, neutrons, gamma rays, and x- Building: Room Number: Date: Area Supervisor: Area Use: Phone: Department: License/Registration Number: General Radiation Safety .

Reproductive health problems. Check if the storage rooms and waste containers are adequate as well as the disposal practices for radioactive materials.

Wear protective clothing that, if contaminated, can be removed.

Provide radiation safety rules to dental personnel including any restrictions of the operating technique required for the safe use of the particular dental X-ray equipment. Browse .

Boxing up of a vessel, Working on fragile roof structures, Radiography, Material Handling in . This tube emits radiation in the form of photons (photons will be discussed in Lesson 2) or x-rays. Introduction: Radiography on an industrial site poses a number of safety challenges that are frequently not adequately addressed by the overall management of the work of which radiography forms a small, but often critical, part. This section discusses the safety precautions X-ray machine operators and individuals assisting authorized users in radiographic procedures with the animals must take to prevent and reduce unnecessary exposure to radiation.. For information about precautions with X-Ray machines in ANY workplace, see Radiation .

Any lab worker that actively handles the bulk vial to prepare stock UA solutions must be licensed under a Controlled Radiation Authorization (CRA) because of the . Visit Image Wisely.

The essential goal of radiation safety is to prevent injury from exposure to ionizing radiation. What is Permit To Work System. e.g. Radiography technique - ensuring the integrity of vessels, pipes, welded joints and metal castings. Laboratory Radiation Safety Checklist.

Begin by detailing the building and room information and the radionuclides used for the activity. This Patient Safety Primer will discuss the safety issues associated with the use . It is also a means of communication between site management, supervisors, and operators, who carry out the work PTW normally . 3. Keywords:Radiography, Safety, Management, Procedure, Camera, Lock. Take the pledge to image wisely and view resources on radiation safety in adult medical imaging.

They'll give your presentations a professional, memorable appearance - the kind of sophisticated look that today's audiences expect. Radiation is energy emitted from unstable atoms. Download Presentation. Exposure to ionizing radiation during pregnancy may lead to birth defects. The cathode comprises a filament, which when brought to incandescence by a current of a few amperes, emits electrons.

Radiation: energy in motion Non-Ionizing Radiation: Radiation that does not have sufficient energy to eject orbital electrons. Radiation Safety.

A radiologist may want to consider your history of radiation exposure before recommending a procedure. Radiography has two major disadvantages, the most important being the potential harmful effects of ionising radiation on living tissue. Death. 7 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS in Penetrant Inspection (DP) 8 Ultrasonic Tests (UT) in NDT: 8.1 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS in Ultrasonic Tests (UT) 9 Electromagnetic non destructive testing methods in NDT: 9.1 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: 10 Radiography Tests in NDT: 10.1 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Radiography Tests: 11 Also read this: 11.1 Now it's your turn: 11.2 Share with . 12. The finished surface of all butt welded joints should be flushed with the base material. Radiation therapy uses ionising radiation for treatment. For this reason, CFR 20, Section 20.1201, establishes the following annual or yearly occupational dose equivalent limits: Whole body (total effective dose equivalent): 5 rems. You can work safely around radiation and/or contamination by following a few simple precautions: Use time, distance, shielding, and containment to reduce exposure. Radiation Safety -Laboratory Rules1. e content outline may be ref - erenced as a supplement to courses in the radiography cur - riculum. Step 2- Selecting the right radiation source and radiographic film: Depending on radiographic sensitivity and material thickness radiation source (x-ray or gamma-ray) must be decided. Browse . Radiation can be classified as ionizingor non- ionizing radiation, depending on its effect on atomic matter.

To ensure the safety of personnel and to prevent damage to equipment. Right-to-Know 1. Slideshow 5777725 by aida. Introduction. MRI Safety During Pregnancy. Standard Precautions are the minimum infection prevention practices that apply to all patient care, regardless of suspected or confirmed infection status of the patient, in any setting where health care is delivered. Annual investigation levels are set at 1mSv pa annual whole body dose, 4mSv extremities. However, the UN Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) set up in 1955 is the most authoritative source of information on ionizing radiation and its effects. biological specimens should observe hazardous chemical precautions. PERMIT TO WORK 20th February 2018 Duration :- 20 minutes Roque Dcunha Welcome B.Com, IDipNEBOSH + EnvDipNEBOSH, Grad- IOSH + SIIRSM + MISQEM IMS - LA ISO 9001 + 14001 + OHSAS - 18001 LEEA - Appointed person for Lifting operation Total Experience = + 30 years (Gulf = + 22 Yrs Presently working at Qatar Steel +12 years -- List common tubes and lines demonstrated with mobile chest radiographic images. This Safety Code applies specifically to industrial x-ray equipment operating at energies up to 6 MeV for use in industrial radiography and in material melting-and-bonding applications.

Presentation Creator Create stunning presentation online in just 3 steps. Employees performing dental radiography should not normally receive significant radiation dose provided normal radiation protection measures are employed, such as distance and shielding.

There are potential side effects of radiation exposure . Skin and extremities (shallow dose equivalents): 50 rems. 12. PERSONAL SAFETY AND RADIATION PROTECTION 317 12.1. radiation safety and instrument operation before they can use X-ray diffraction units in the XRD laboratory. Slideshow 5777725 by aida. A report from UK estimates a mean level of less than 0.1 mSv per year, in the practice conditions that prevail there. 505 9th St., NW, Suite 910 .

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Boxing up of a vessel, Working on fragile roof structures, Radiography . : microwaves, ultraviolet light, lasers, radio waves, infrared light, and radar. Each hospital has slightly different routines, but the same safety rules apply across the UK. Dental Radiography 1 / 29. GENERAL RADIOGRAPHY (X-RAY) AND FLUOROSCOPY Before making an exposure or performing a fluoroscopy, ensure that all doors are closed. e.g. e.g. Follow Us. List the basic supplies necessary when performing trauma and mobile radiographic procedures. To avoid unnecessary radiation exposure certain procedures should be introduced, f ToRadiation Droplet Precautions - Surgical masks within 3 feet of patient. 1.3 Scope. There are several types of precautions that medical facilities and other workplaces prone to scatter radiation take to ensure the health of their employees. Computed tomography (CT), interventional radiology, and nuclear medicine exams may each use a modest amount of radiation. Headquarters Office. Exposure following radioactive material spill such as a liquid spill on floor or clothing.

Radiation protection in X-ray 36. Step 2- Selecting the right radiation source and radiographic film: Depending on radiographic sensitivity and material thickness radiation source (x-ray or gamma-ray) must be decided. Notification to the regulatory body 2.8. However, scattered and .

Demonstrate the correct method of assisting a disabled patient with dressing or undressing for a radiographic procedure. Create. Time, Distance, and Shielding. 4 Ionizing Radiation Recent Presentations Content Topics Updated Contents Featured Contents.

Create. It is recommended that you practice the following helpful habits: Drink plenty Uploaded on Jul 13, 2014. 2. Total quality control 355 13.2. Airborne Infection Isolation - Particulate respirator* Radiographic Testing (RT) Definition: An NDT method that utilizes x-rays or gamma radiation to detect discontinuities in materials, and to present their images on recording medium.

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radiography, safety precautions ppt

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radiography, safety precautions ppt